Tune-Up Sessions

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Some of our clients have expressed an interest in refresher training.  We’ve heard you!
White Horse Nation periodically schedules “Tune-Up Sessions” where you’ll get a 1.5 hour semi-private session with the benefit of having an instructor there to ask questions and offer assistance.
There will be four slots available for each 1.5 hour session.  Cost is $30.  Preregistration is required.  First come, first served.  PLEASE READ THE FAQs below before registering.
Your targets (up to three) will be provided for you so all you need to bring is your gun, ammo, hearing protection, eye protection and a hat.
Do I get to shoot for the entire 1.5 hours?
No.  There will be a safety review at the beginning of the session.  The review will begin promptly at your start time.  Late comers will forfeit their slot.  There will also be breaks to allow for posting of new targets.
Who can register for a Tune-Up?
Anyone who has completed a Basic Handgun or Level 1 Defensive Handgun class by White Horse Nation, LLC or its predecessor Lifeline Defense (Hazenstab & Keppler)
How much ammunition will I need?
50-100 rounds.
Will I need to bring targets or target stands or target backers?
No.  Your targets, up to three, will be supplied for you.  
Do I need a holster?
You will only be permitted to use a holster if you have completed the Level 1 Defensive Handgun class or Lifeline Defense’s Defensive Handgun.
What equipment do I need to bring?
You need to bring your gun, ammo, eye protection, hearing protection and a hat with a brim that extends forward over your eye protection.
Can I bring a different gun than the one I used when I took the class?
Can I bring more than one gun to shoot?
You can bring up to two different guns.  The transition from one gun to another will be supervised by the instructor.  The instructor will not be able to dedicate his / her time entirely to any one person teaching them how to operate / shoot a new gun.
Will the shooting portion be structured or do I just get to shoot however I want as long as I do it safely?
You can shoot freestyle or the instructor can give you drills to shoot.  
What if I forget almost everything and need a lot of help?
Keep in mind that this is only meant to be a refresher and there will be three other people present.  The instructor will not be able to dedicate his / her time entirely to any one person.  If you’ve allowed your skills to lapse to that extent, you should consider retaking the Basic Handgun class.
Can I bring a friend that just wants to come with me and watch?

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